Stepping Beyond the Gilded Cage

05 Nov 2023

Meera was bursting with excitement as she set out to break free from her parents' protective embrace and enter a world filled with new challenges and exciting opportunities.

On her first day of college, Meera couldn't help but notice the stark contrast between her two worlds. On one side, she had her loving and supportive parents, always there to guide her. On the other side, a completely unfamiliar world with its own rules and customs.

She remembered her grandmother's advice: "Meera, true success comes when you face a world full of unknowns, unproven ideas, and tough life lessons, and come out victorious."

Meera looked around at the vibrant college life, the latest fashion, the laughter, and the friendly conversations. It all seemed perfect, but beneath the surface, she felt a sense of unease. She realized that now, she was on her own. There was no safety net, no one to help her up if she stumbled, and no one to turn to for answers when things got tough.

With determination, Meera understood that she needed more than just book smarts. She had to put in hard work to prove herself, develop a well-rounded personality that could fit into the global landscape, and acquire skills like teamwork, communication, and leadership.

She thought to herself, "What do these captions really mean?" With curiosity driving her, Meera embarked on a journey to explore these concepts further. Join her as she discovers the secrets to resilience, personal growth, and self-discovery.


Sandhya S Joshi