Lopaa K Vyas

Nurturer of Talent, Green Crusader, and Ambassador of Kindness img-holiwood

With over 34 years of hands-on experience as an HR Consultant, Business Coach, Mentor, Counsellor, and Trainer, Lopaa is an unyielding force of expertise and compassion. Armed with a Masters in HR from NMIMS, Mumbai, she has dedicated a significant portion of her life, over 21 years, to guiding organizations through their most intricate HR challenges, leaving an indelible mark on the corporate world.

A Beacon of Wisdom: Her journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to nurturing not only the professional growth of individuals but also the natural life that sustains our planet. After over three decades of fostering human potential, she now passionately tends to the green life that breathes vigour into our surroundings.

From HR to Horticulture: Recognizing the vital role of plants in combatting pollution, environmental concerns, and food contamination, She established AYUSHMAT, a venture dedicated to promoting organic and eco-friendly products. Her passion for nurturing both human potential and the environment has blossomed into an inspiring journey.

A Way to Healthy Living: In a world burdened by pollution and environmental concerns, her mission to bring greenery into our lives has transformed gardens from a luxury to a necessity. AYUSHMAT is not merely a business but a crusade for healthier living, one plant at a time.

Champion of Kindness: She is not just an HR expert and a green crusader; she is also a champion of kindness. As the Trustee of Kindness Unlimited, an NGO dedicated to promoting random acts of kindness, she has influenced students at all educational levels through workshops and seminars. Her vision is to make the world a progressively safer, better, and more beautiful place through the simple yet profound power of kindness.

Beyond Business: Lopaa’s dedication to societal well-being extends beyond her charitable efforts. She is a life member of the All India Management Association (AIMA) and actively engages in educational training programs for students in rural areas. She is part of "Navshrujana," a system of education and learning that transcends academics. Additionally, Lopaa extends her expertise to colleges, helping students develop crucial skills and aiding faculty through mentorship programs.

A Legacy of Change: Lopaa is an embodiment of altruism, a fountain of HR wisdom, and a steward of Mother Earth. Her life's work stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to fostering human potential, nurturing the environment, and promoting the power of kindness. Through her endeavors, she has not only left an indelible mark on the corporate and social landscape but has also sown the seeds of positivity and change in the hearts and minds of countless individuals.

For further enquiries you may contact her through mail at kalpavruksh7@gmail.com

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